At Buddies, sustainability is our main priority. Applying our knowledge of ecology to running a business factors into everything we do.

Gardeners can't help being ecologists- most of us have a deep and personal reverence for the connected systems at work in nature. Why? Because we see in both the short & long term how they're totally oblivious to our opinion! As in all pursuits, we can ignore these processes at our peril, or nurture them to our benefit. In seeking to harmonize nature's balances with our own ideas, we're always learning and improving. That's where the challenge and joy of gardening lies, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Our core sustainability principles are to: incorporate beneficial species, no invasives, source local suppliers, avoid harmful or synthetic chemicals, keep informed and educated via expert sources, and above all, practice energy-wise, ecologically sound techniques in design, planting and construction, especially near water. We also practice all the everday acts that add up- from properly composting and disposing of all plant material, sod & especially weeds (i.e. NOT tossing it in some nearby bush because, hey, it's "biodegradeable" right?), to recycling or reusing empty pots, trays, soil & mulch bags (that’s right they go in the blue box, or many pots can be returned to vendors for re-use!), to making efficiency and quality workmanship our prime directives every day. That means being fair and doing it right, where you can't see but matters most.

As for the BIG picture... The planet was pretty inhospitable before plants started turning carbon dioxide into oxygen- so we'd rather not go back there, thanks! Maybe the plants were onto something when they figured out how to turn that non-stop burning ball of fire in the sky into fuel...maybe. In the meantime, we believe one of the best ways toward a healthy future is to create inviting, accessible spaces where people can experience nature's beauty and rewards firsthand: to find peace, recharge, and honour life for its own sake. So let's get out there and enjoy it!