Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

Planting trees is a long term investment that requires careful species selection and placement- we’re here to help! For shrubs, there’s so many interesting species that look great and benefit the landscape it can be hard to choose. Size, growth rates & habits, foliage, flowering, soil requirements, maintenance- these are all things we take into consideration when choosing shrub arrangements.

We specialize in pruning of shrubs & trees for overall health, appearance, and maximum fruiting and/or flowering.

Cedar hedges? They're like, THE best way to create a year-round living fence, windbreak, or sight/sound barrier. For instant extra height and a good growing base we can plant your cedars on a raised berm of quality soil. Native white or black cedars are our go-to species for hedges, as other varieties just aren't as dependable up here- especially in exposed areas. Hardy, classic and inherently beautiful, native cedars will grow happily with minimal maintenance.