Quick & Easy Veggie Boxes

Like to grow some veggies without a hassle? These super simple boxes are ideal for anyone who wants to grow and pick some of their own produce. All you need is a flat, mostly sunny spot- we construct, deliver, fill with soil and top dress the box with natural composted fertilizer (the amazing Meekers Magic)! Raised beds have the benefit of easy access, less weeds and guaranteed good growing soil. They're also great fun for kids!

Economical veggie boxes can made-to-order from locally milled roughcut lumber (untreated pine and or spruce), lined with weed barrier (first photo) and filled with top quality Black Loam Garden Mix. The pictured box is (4' x 4' x 18"). If you prefer a nicer finish we can use cedar, however our experience is that the cheaper woods are fine for about 6 years and weather nicely. **Please note for spring 2020 we orders for boxes are limited due to supplier restrictions**