Rock Gardens

Transform a natural bedrock outcrop in your yard into a gorgeous and unique garden- take that, Zone 5! Fortunately many rock-loving succulents thrive in our zone, and they spread naturally to hold soil in place. With ever-increasing varieties, colourful blooms and interesting foliage they can really liven up an otherwise weedy or barren spot. Add some fragrant, flowering groundcovers like thyme, phlox, dianthus, or rock cress and you're really talkin'!

For larger perennials and a season-long cascade of colour and texture, terrace-style pockets or rows can be constructed with additional rocks. For variety or experiment from year to year, annuals can be a worthy option.

Consider this: Sudbury's bedrock is nearly 4 billion years old. Those mounds were once towering, jagged peaks higher than the Himalayas! Sculpted down, they now speak of entire ages of the Earth, and the mystery of its future. Why not compliment their story with some creative planting?

It's hard to find a more stylish backdrop than that Sudbury trademark black!