Biodiversity & Conservation

While all of our designs and practices strive to be net-beneficial to the local environment, you can take it a step further by truly naturalizing all or some of your outdoor space with restoration landscaping. Shorelines are a great spot for this, but so is any area you'd like to create refuge for native plants & wildlife.

Enjoying the aesthetic of a wild garden that actually preserves indigenous biodiversity is possible! In the Sudbury area, we're very fortunate to have Northern Wildflowers, a local company who practice seed harvesting and propagating of wild local cultivars. Northern Wildflowers also offers expert consulting services for the design of your naturalized and/or permaculture plantscape; if this is your interest, we highly recommend visiting their website ( or checking them out on facebook (

For shorelines specifically, the City of Greater Sudbury also offers a free, on-site consultation on best practices for conserving the health of your property. For more info visit The Shoreline Home Visit Program.