At Buddies we like to be active in the community, donating time to and promoting great non-profits that are focused on gardening and/or our local environment. The following organizations are close to our heart, and we encourage you to get involved- it's a great way to get outside, learn, meet people and make a real difference in our community! Click on the names to go to their websites.

Sudbury’s Community Garden Network- With over 20 community gardens in Sudbury and new ones being added every year, more and more people are growing their own food and having fun in the process! Run by volunteers with a passion for gardening and social responsibility, the Community Garden Network has achieved incredible results since they began. Connect with a garden in your neighbourhood, or start your own!

Sudbury Shared Harvest- Sudbury Shared Harvest is strengthening our access to locally grown food with real, on-the-ground projects. In the past they've provided free, local fruit for school breakfast programs by harvesting neighbourhood apple trees and processing them into dried apple slices- how cool is that?! Now they're responsible for permaculture food forests and urban agriculture at various public locations (e.g. Delki Dozzi playground) that provide training, education and of course, food for local citizens of all ages. Check out their facebook page to see what they're up to now.

Sudbury Horticultural Society- Keeping up with what's happening on the Sudbury Gardening scene is easy- just visit the SHS's website for the latest news on the yearly Garden Festival, Seedy Saturday/Sunday, as well as garden tours, speakers, field trips and all things planty! Growing enthusiasts will find free advice, inspiration and a welcoming community on their facebook group.

Junction Creek Stewardship Committee- Probably the most productive and hands-on environmental group in Sudbury, the JCSC has been improving the health and beauty of Sudbury's main waterway with tree plantings, habitat restoration, clean ups, and applied scientific research for over 15 years, engaging thousands of volunteers in the process. Way to go!

VETAC- Ever wonder why & how Sudbury went from "Moonscape" to "Happiest City in Canada"? If you believe, like we do, that the key to happiness is being surrounded by a healthy natural environment and a bunch of people that make stuff like that happen, then VETAC is definitely part of the answer. They also sponsor schoolyard greening projects, also very cool.

Conservation Sudbury - Watershed management, outdoor environmental education, and the beautiful trails at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area are all provided by our region's Conservation Authority (also known as the NDCA). They do great work all year round with a small and extremely dedicated staff based out of Sudbury. To get involved, see the authority's Foundation website.

For gardening ideas and inspiration, or to try some DIY, check out our local greenhouses. They are family-owned businesses that provide great service and tons of choices in plants and gardening products throughout the season:

Southview Greenhouses

Holla's Greenhouses

Azilda Greenhouses

Freskiw Farms